Excellence is our standard and our clients will tell you so:

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    rjm-enterprises-logoPlease be advised that we have had the good fortune to work with Superior Printing for over 10 years as a supplier of our printing needs for all three of our companies.

    Pam and John Dorholt have an extremely strong sense of dedication, commitment to projects and are very detail oriented in all of our business transactions. We do not always have the luxury of giving Superior Printing the appropriate lead times for the materials we order, but somehow they are always able to meet our required deadlines, as difficult as this must be at times. In addition, their design capabilities and ideas have been priceless in assisting us with new project and the proper direction of layouts, forms, marketing materials etc. Although in some cases it may be more cost effective to order through online printing services, we cannot afford to sacrifice the personal, professional, and high quality services that we receive from Superior Printing. The products are always delivered on time and without any printing errors.

    I would strongly recommend Superior Printing to any company who is looking for a supplier of services and products that will always exceed expectations.

    Jim Lundeen, Owner
    RJM Enterprises/General Paper Products/Killebrew Beverages

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    Pam Dorholt has been my business partner since 2003 and I would highly recommend her to anyone. She has always been professional, attentive and a pure delight to work with.

    Pam always seems to “get” the ideas and attitudes I want to portray in my print work, even when I cannot fully show or verbalize my intent. She is able to give me just what I need with results that often far surpass what I was expecting or hoping for. The products she delivers are of the highest quality, arrive in a very timely manner and are done at a fair price.

    Her skills and guidance have been invaluable to my and my business and I look forward to many more years of our successful relationship.


    Diana J. Fleetham, Manager
    The Optical

    Connie kroskin consulting

    I am pleased to recommend Pam Dorholt and Superior Printing, Inc. I frequently refer my marketing clients to her with complete confidence in the quality she will provide them with. She has never let me down in the level of customer service and care she gives to each job.

    Frankly, I was sold the first time I visited Superior Printing. A job was being run that she took a moment to check on. Not realizing I was in ear-shot, she told her pressman to rerun it on better paper, offhandedly commenting that the client would probably never know the difference but she didn't like how it looked.

    That combination of mindful attention to detail, quality and customer service is something to be valued in any vendor. Pam’s cheerful demeanor and competitive pricing make her an easy choice.

    Connie Kroskin
    Connie Kroskin Consulting


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    cirus_logoCirus Controls has been doing business with Superior Printing for many years. What distinguishes Superior Printing from their competition?

    • Detail Orientated
    • Superior Quality
    • Deliver on Time
    • Great Customer Service!  

    Terri Lehnen
    Purchasing/Supplier Quality Manager

    Cirus Controls

    Cirus Controls

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    We have been working with John and Pam Dorholt of Superior Printing since 1997 for all of our clinic’s professional cards, appointment cards, billing sheets, stationary, envelopes and our informational brochure. They have always done excellent work with reasonable quotes and a fast turnaround. They are very courteous, professional, friendly and helpful on all of our requests.

    I would recommend them without reservation.

    Dawn Meyers, Manager
    Metropolitan Internists

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    Superior Printing has been a valued supplier of Grazzini Brothers & Company for over 15 years.

    We highly recommend Superior Printing to anyone looking for quality printing needs.


    Grazzini Brothers & Company